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The same applies to your personality.

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You tend to be even-tempered when it comes to getting along with others. However, your Libra character is so strong that regardless of the emotional turmoil and mischief that Venus often causes, you still maintain external calm and balance. This is why it is fairly easy for you to attract other people.

They are drawn to the percieved stability that you bring to the table.

October 14

The lucky color for people born in October 14 is the color beige. While beige represents stability, it also represents ubiquity. Each of us leads our lives under the watch and protection of one guardian angel or another, and who exactly you can call your own is an individual a question as anything else. However, certain dates and months attract the eyes of certain angels more than others — meaning a Libra born 14th October is likely to be under the protection of the angel Hahahel.

His is a masculine yet gentle energy, good at healing the downtrodden and inspiring them to success. He aligns well with your Libra energy, as he represents your own disliking of seeing people exploited or treated unfairly.


When the time comes to use your own abilities to help those who are being taken advantage of, rest assured Hahahel is empowering you as much as you empower yourself to succeed. Things are not as bad as you think. In fact, a lot of the stress you feel in life are self-inflicted.

October 14 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

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Sign in. Forgot your password? October 14 natives can appear lighthearted, yet they are serious at their core. They display a warm personality.

Daily Horoscope 9 October, 12222

Those born on October 14 are devoted to making their relationships work. Because they have leadership abilities, they often give advice.

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They have an idealistic view of love and can feel betrayed if their lover does not appreciate them the way they need to be appreciated. These people want soul-to-soul communication.

October 25 zodiac

October 14 folks have a deep belief in family hierarchy. They're dedicated to living up to the values and ethics they were taught. As parents, they are strict but sensitive. They want their youngsters to experience freedom but feel kids need to understand the limits and responsibilities freedom demands.

October 14 individuals have a great deal of unfocused energy and may suffer from nervous complaints. These are usually symptoms of overwork but can be related to dietary habits. To combat sleep disorders, they need to exercise moderately five times a week.